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The Human Skeletal System
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Anatomy of a long bone

This page will teach you about the anatomy of a long bone.


  • Periosteum- The strong Fibrous membrane that covers the long bone where the bone is not covered by articulating cartilage.


  •  Articulating Cartilage- covers the epiphysis, it is a very thin layer of cartilage that acts as a cushion for the ends of the bone.


  • Medullary Cavity- The hollow area inside the diaphysis of a bone which contains soft yellow bone marrow


  • Epiphyses ( or ends of the bone)-consists of small spaces in the cancellous bone, filled with red bone marrow.


  • Diaphysis ( or shaft)- a hollow tube made of hard compact bone which gives a strong structure that is light enough to allow easy movement.


  • Compact bone- The hard and densse outer covering of the bone is known as compact bone.


  • Spongy bone (cancellous)-in the ends of long bones, there is a spongy containing many spaces that are filled with marrow.


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