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The Human Skeletal System
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Appendicular skeleton

This is the page that will teach you about the appendicular skeleton.

The appendicular skeleton includes the movable limbs and the supporting
structures, The appendicular skeleton plays a key role in allowing
movement. The appendicular skeleton includes the bones of the arms,
hangs, legs, shoulders, feet and hips.
The muscles associated with the appendicular skeleton include those of the humerus, forearm,
the wrists, hand and fingers. They also include those of the pelvic girdle, and those of the lower
limbs (muscles around the thighm leg, ankle, foot and toes)


The highlighted pink area shows the appendicular skeleton

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The shoulder girdle is also knows as the pectoral girdle. Shoulder blades are known as

scapula. Collar bones are known as clavicles.The pectoral girdle consists of two scapulae and

two clavicles.Your upper limbs connect to the pectoral girdle, as does the humerus,which

attaches to the pectoral girdle at the glenoid cavity, the socket at the shoulder. The pelvic girdle

consists of two hip bones which are very sturdy. The hip bones and the sacrum form the ring of

the pelvis. The femur connects, by its head, to the acetabulum, which is the socket on the outer

side of the pelvis, where the fused bones meet. The lower limbs are also connected to the

pelvic girdle.