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The Human Skeletal System
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Axial skeleton

This is the page that will teach you about the axial skeleton.


The axial sleleton is comprised mainly of the vertebral column, much of
the skull and the rib cage. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord, the
cranium protects the brain, and the ribs protect the lungs and the heart.
The muscles associated with the axial skeleton include those of the
face, tounge, and neck, these are the muscles used for chewing and
drinking. Also the muscles around the vertebrae of the spine
are associated with the axial skeleton. 
Most of the body's muscles originate from the axial skeleton, since it is
medially located to the appendicular skeleton. These muscles are referred
to as "core muscles" as they are centrally located and provide the body
with stability and support, thus providing proper posture and alignment.

The highlighted blue area on the skeleton is considered the axial skeleton.

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